our recreational and playground materials provide a number of eye-catching colors that not only look great on playgrounds and outdoor signage, but are also safe for children of all ages.
Playground Plastics
If you`re looking for playground slide material, look no further. Our playground material is perfect for slides and other playground equipment. Our products are made of a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic material that has excellent material benefits for playground applications. With children constantly running around on the playground in all different types of weather conditions, it`s crucial that the playground material is solidly built, durable and safe. Our playground equipment materials have excellent scratch resistance, are easy to clean and will not delaminate, chip, rot, swell or splinter – making it the ideal plastic for commercial and outdoor applications, including playground slides. Additionally, our material is smooth to the touch and can be shaped using basic tools, giving the craftsman the ability to create rounded corners, smooth edges and colors that won`t bleed or leach