Our clients turn to themed playgrounds because these types of play spaces:

Work with any décor or business theme. Your business likely already has a color scheme and theme. Imagine how wonderful it would be to offer your clientele a playground space that matches your image. For example, if you have a nature museum, your themed playground can include butterflies and nature-themed equipment. If you have a car dealership and want to keep kids entertained while interacting with customers, you can create a car-themed playground.
Can be customized to suit any age group or space. Whether you have a large space or a limited amount of area for play, Golden Childhood can create a playground customized around your theme and your space. We can target the specific age range of your customers` children, helping you best serve your clientele and ensure the equipment is appropriate.
Can help boost the branding of your business. Imagine how exciting it would be for children and parents to see a playground which represents a major theme in your business. It can help you brand your business as a family-friendly enterprise. Themed playgrounds are more memorable for parents and children alike; imagine the photos families can take and post on social media as they play on your themed playground, spreading the word about your fun and family-friendly business!
Can help create an innovative, fun and memorable playground to meet your needs. Above all, Golden Childhood playgrounds are fun and unique. You`ll be able to offer children a great and memorable experience. Children won`t forget your playground when you build one just for them!