Parks, museums, family fun centers and churches love our large attractions, some of which have a play capacity of nearly 300 children. Our super-sized play areas create a memorable experience and endless play opportunities for the entire family. They are ideal for businesses looking to attract and entertain children for many hours. Your Golden Childhood representative will help you explore the ultimate configuration possibilities and design a unique play system for your space.

Explore our various play options that can be purchased as rendered, or they can be used as a guide to design your own playground. The play options are designed to give you an idea of the breadth and depth of our product line, and to serve as a guide when you are ready to make your own playground purchase!

If you`re looking for large indoor playground structures for playgrounds, museums, parks, family fun centers and other areas that you`d like to increase foot traffic and fun, Golden Childhood is a top provider you`ll want to consider. Golden Childhood offers large indoor commercial playgrounds that are designed to be fun and durable. Kids have a wonderful time exploring their creativity on our playgrounds, while parents and adults enjoy knowing that their investment will last and last, even with years of play.

When you purchase a large indoor playground from Golden Childhood, you can be sure families keep coming back to your venue time and again. Whether you own a restaurant, retail area, daycare or any other business, our structures inspire kids to play, so children want to visit repeatedly. You get an active voice in the family, asking parents to come back to your playground.