If you want to add more bounce to your daily fun, an Olympic trampoline, gymnastics trampoline, or a professional trampoline may be something you want to consider. They are a great way to stay active and they are ideal for anyone who wants to practice up on their trick jumping. They are used by many different types of people in a variety of sport settings. Are you ready to tackle the big trampolines?
What Is an Olympic Trampoline?
If you want to do more with your trampoline an Olympic or professional trampoline could be a good choice for you. These could also be used as adult trampolines. Their standard size is as much as 14`x7` to give the jumper maximum performance space. They offer immense power and propulsion. Typically, because there are no other trampolines available to match them, they are more expensive than traditional trampolines. They should also be used only by people who know what they are doing so that safety is not a concern. The nets on a gymnast trampoline is more like a netting. It is porous and this gives it more of a bounce. It also has thicker padding around the frame because of the extra bounce. In some cases a competitive trampoline can send people soaring as high as 33 feet into the air.