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Hello Everyone Our company is Taizhou Hengxin Household co Ltd we founded in 1996 Hengxin is a specialised manufacturer of household and air quality care products based in Zhejiang China We are medium size supporters of Chinese manufacturing and believe Made in China means miles less carbon Our product Range is plastic storage boxes Bins Baskets Cosmetic Organizer Air Quality Products Plastic Flower Pot Planters Storage Holders Racks Plastic Combs Laundry Products Waste Bin Plastic Tableware and other kitchen bathroom storages series Hengxin offers both their own products which can be recognised in the worldwide high street and also can produce OEM ODM for customers own labelled products...

Categories and Products

Storage Boxes &Bins

Plastic Fish Food Storage Box 

Cosmetic Organizers

Plastic Multipurpose Portable Handled Organizer Storage Box 360 Degree Rotation 3 Tier Makeup Organizer 

Storage Box &Bins&Baskets

Storage Box

Rectangular Multi-layer Plastic Medicine Chest Plastic 9L Storage Box With Lid Plastic 20L Large Size Container Transparent 20L Household Storage Box with Lid Transparent 35L Storage Boxes Containers with Lids Colorful 70L Household Nested Storage Boxes Plastic 70L Storage Box With Window and Wheel Plastic Tote Bins from Storage Boxes With Smile -Small Size Modular storage bins with lids-Small Size Rectangle Medium Size Plastic Storage Bins Rectangle Medium Size Plastic Storage Bins-Medium Size Plastic Big Size Tote Plastic Big Size Tote Set Plastic Storage Container Set Plastic Stacking Density Storage Boxes With Lid Plastic 35L Transparent Household Essentials Nested Storage Boxes with Lids And Sliding Wheels Stacking Box -Medium Size 2017 New Cute Storage Organizer Hot Selling Plastic 20L Tree Storage Box Plastic Box Bento with Lid -Small Size Plastic Shaped Bento Box with Lid-Medium Size 

Storage Bins

Classics Grain Containers 2.5L Plastic Stack on Multi-Purpose Clear Lid Organizer Bin 

Storage Basket

Plastic Laundry Small Organizers Storage Baskets Plastic Ratton Storage Box With Lid Hengxin Household Plastic Drawer Organizer Plastic Kitchen Cutlery Tray Kitchen Freely Kitchen Combination Cabinet Drawer Storage 2 Tier Household Storage Basket Plastic Deep Storage Baskets Plastic Rectangle Storage Box Basket Holder Organizer Basket for Straining Vegetables Pasta and other food Plastic Bathroom Laundry Bakets 

Plastic Bowl

Plastic Knocked Down Creative Fruit Tray-Medium Size Smiley Plastic Bowl--Small Size Plastic Double Melon Seeds Plate 

Plastic Rice Container

Plastic Rice Container Holds 15kgs Rice With Bamboo Charcoal Bag 15KGS Plastic Cereal Container 

Drawer Organizer

Bra Box

Plastic Waterproof Bra Storage Box Design Modern Creative Home Bra Underwear Storage Box Hot Selling Plastic Bra Box With Lid Plastic Bra Organizer Storage Box Plastic 1st Popular Storage Box Set Plastic 4th Generation Bra Socks and underwear Set 

Underwear Box

10 Grid Plastic Storage Box 3PCS Underwear Bra Socks Ties Divider Storage box Set Slotted Interlocking Drawer Organizers Plastic Closet Divider Underwear Organizer With Lid Hot Selling Plastic Underwear Box With Lid Hot Selling Plastic Underwear Box With Lid Plastic 10 Grid Underwear Storage Box Plastic 1st Generation Bra Socks and underwear Set 

Sock Box

Plastic Waterproof Clothes Drawer Dividers With Lid Plastic Storage Box with 6 Dividers 15 Grid Plastic Storage Box Newest Style Sock Organizer Drawer Divider 5 Cells Plastic Organizer Storage Box Plastic Socks Pants Box with 12 Cells Plastic 3pcs Underwear Bra Socks Storage Box Set Plastic 2nd Generation Bra Box Plastic 2nd Generation Underwear Box With Lid 

Drawer Cabinet

Plastic Three Tier Storage Boxes Cabinet Drawers Plastic 2 Drawer Unit Plastic 3 Drawer Unit 4 Tier Plastic Storage Drawer Plastic 5 tier Drawer Plastic 5 Layer Drawer Cabinet Plastic Two Layer Underwear Socks Storage Drawer Cabinet Plastic 6 Layer Multi-Function Drawer Cabinet Plastic Four Layer Underwear Socks Storage Drawer Cabinet 

Cutlery Storage Box

Kitchen Freely Combination Drawer Storage Plastic Kitchen Dish Rack With Cover 

Cosmetic Organizer

Hot Sale Desktop DIY Plastic Makeup Organizer Plastic Creative Cosmetic Storage Desktop organizer Plastic Promotional Cosmetic Box Table Standing Makeup Storage Case With Mirror,Drawer Plastic Cosmetic Storage and Makeup Palette Organizer Home Plastic Cosmetic Makeup with Drawer Plastic 360 Degree Rotating Makeup Organizer Clear Small Emergency Kit Container Bin Plastic Desktop Cosmetic Big Organizer Plastic Tool Organizer 360-Degree Rotating High Capacity Cosmetic Organizer Plastic Lady Diamond Pattern Cosmetic Makeup Organizer Plastic Multi-Functional Cosmetic Box Plastic Stationery Desk Table Organizer 

Air Quality Products

Bamboo Charcoal Bag

Drawer Bamboo Charcoal Packets Air Purifying Air Filter 250g Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Chinese Knots Car Hanging Bamboo Charcoal Bag 250g Bamboo Charcoal Bag With front Butterfly Air Purification Bag With Drawstring 2 Pack Non-Woven Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying For Shoe Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizer Bag with String High Quality Fresh Bamboo Plant Charcoal Bags 24*20cm Multi-function 42*9cm Bamboo Charcoal Air Freshener Pillow Bamboo Charcoal Breathable Comfortable Cushion 44*44cm Bamboo Charcoal Wine Bottle Air Freshener Multi-function 33*33cm Bamboo Charcoal Air Freshener Bulk Air Bamboo Charcoal Bag 14*9.5cm Wholesale Natural Bamboo Charcoal Car Air Purifying Bag High Quality Natural Shoe Deodorizer Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag 500g Charcoal Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizer Fridge 2 packs*100g Round Plastic Inside Bamboo Charcoal Container Non-Woven Fabric Air Purifying Bag 500g 100g Non-Woven Fabric Bamboo Charcoal Bag 

Container For Air Freshener

Plastic Round Container With Bamboo Charcoal Bag Bamboo Charcoal Apple Decoration Air Freshener Refrigerator Activated Carbon Bamboo Charcoal Bag 

Bamboo Charcoal Shoe Insoles

Bamboo Charcoal Soft Shoe Insoles 

Charcoal Eye Mask

Bamboo Charcoal Pure Comfortable Eye Mask 

Plastic Flower Pot &Planters

Plastic Flower Pot

Small Square Flower Pots with Tray Saucer Mini Colorful Round Succulent Plant Flower Pot Plastic Square Pots for Plants NEW Plastic Nursery 1 Gallon Trade POT Pure Garden Plastic Flower Pots Plastic Round Succulent Plant Pot Plastic Tall Fleshiness Square Flower Pot Plastic Colorful Square Flower Pot -Large Size Resin Four Foot Self-Watering Poly Planter pot Thicken Colorful Cylinder Plastic Plant Pot-3.5inch Hanging Plastic Flower Plant Pot With Chain High Impact Plastic Flower Pot Harmony Tall Planter Lotus Shaped Plastic Plant Flower Pot More Thickness Plastic Starting Seeding Flower Pot 

Plastic Flower Seeding Tray

Black Composite Solid Rectangular Plastic Tray Plastic 24 Divided Black Trays Plastic 40 Divided Flower Pot Stand Plastic Flower Pot Carrying Trays -Hold 6 pots Plastic 24 Cells Plant Flower Pots Tray Plastic Flower Pot Rack -12 Grid Plastic Raised Garden Bed 

Planting Gardening Tool

Plastic 500ml Fleshier Plant Watering Device Elbow Plastic 250ml Fleshier Plant Watering Device Watering Can Plastic Garden Shovel Utility Plastic Bend Mouth Squeeze Bottle Watering Can 

Storage Holders &Racks

Plastic Shelves

Plastic Cheap One Single Gap Shelf Plastic Single Stacking Storage Basket 3 Tier Plastic Stacking Storage Baskets Household Storage 4 Tier Baskets with wheels Plastic Slide out 3 Shelf Gap Storage Hengxin household 3 shelf storage unit 3-Tier Plastic Storage Shelves with Wheels 4 Tier Durable Impact and Rust-Resistant Plastic Shelves 4 Layer Slide Out Storage Tower Shelf with Wheels 2 Tier Large Capacity Moving Laundry Basket 3 Tier Large Capacity Moving Laundry Basket Plastic Bathroom Shelf With Two Layers Organizer 3-Shelf Multifunction Shelving Unit Plastic Storage Rack with Home Shape Wine Organizer 2-Shelf Plastic Bathroom Shelf Organizer 

Document Storage

Plastic Document File Tray Plastic Stackable A4 Paper Letter Desk Shelves 

Spice Rack

Plastic 3 Tier Spicy Multifunctional Stand Plastic 2 Tier Rack 

Shoe Organizers

4 Tier Shoe Rack Stand Tower Organizer 

Plastic Comb

Plastic Hair Comb

Factory Direct Sell Fashion Hair Comb Wholesale Plastic Factory Direct Sell Hair Comb For Hair Cut Factory Direct Sell Wide Tooth Hair Comb Plastic Conair Shower Comb Plastic Double Color Hair Brush Advanced Teasing Comb Plastic Classical Wide -Tooth Hair Comb With Five Star Design in Handle Plastic Mix Color Hand Fringe Bangs Salon DIY Hair Brush Tail Comb Plastic Morden Hair Comb With Crystals Point Irregularity Handle Hair Brushes Narrow-tooth Sheep strip Plastic Comb Wholesale Plastic Factory Direct Sell Fashion Classic Tail Hair Comb 22.2*4cm Plastic High Quality Wide Tooth Firm Hair Comb Plastic Classical Design Hair Comb Half Wide Half Density With Crystals Point Plastic Fine Teeth Hair Comb 8 Inches Morden Moon Design Plastic Hair Comb With Crystals Point Hair Brushes Plastic Morden Hair Comb With Crystals Point Handl Plastic Combs with Half Narrow Half Wide 21*3.1cm Plastic Hair Advanced Comb With Unique Handle Plastic Hair Brush Advanced Comb Wholesale Plastic Smart Weave Comb 21*3.1cm Plastic Colorful Combs 

Wood Comb

Beard &Moustache

Classical Style Wood Beard Comb 100% Nature Nanmu Wooden Combs 12.5*5 100% Nature Nanmu Princess Seamless Wooden Comb Wood Beard Care and Mustache Comb for Men Customized and Engraved Logo Wooden Nature Comb 100% Nature Fine Teeth Sandal Wood Comb Wholesale Peach Small Beard Comb Fine-tooth with Anti-static Beard Wood Comb Fish Shape Wood Pocket Comb Fish Shape Beard Comb 100% Nature Sandal Wood Half Wide Comb Gift Antistatic Wooden Beard Comb 

Common Hair Comb

100%Nature Peach Wooden Combs 15*4.5 100%Nature Peach Wooden Combs With Handle Whoelsale Long Fine Teeth Wood Comb 100% Nature Health Wooden Combs 13.5*5cm 100% Nature Wooden Moustache Comb 100%Nature Bamboo Wooden Combs 17.2*4.2 100%Nature Bamboo Wood Combs Handcraft 100% Nature Wood Mustache Comb Ionic Type and Peach Comb With Handle Anti-static Half Moon Peach Wide Teeth Comb Half Moon Shaped Toothed Healthy Hair Care Peach Wood Comb Anti-static Health Care Peach Wooden Comb Anti-static Sandalwood Comb with Handle for Curly Hair Anti-Static Sandalwood Hair Comb ECO-Friendly Wood Beard Comb Nature Handmade Anti-static & No Snag Hair Wooden Comb Wood Hand Made Comb 

Laundry Products

Adult Clothes Hanger

Plastic Non-Slip Adult Clothes Hanger 4 Tier Swinging Arm Plastic Slack Hanger 

Kids Clothes Hanger

Stylish Children's Infant and Toddler Hangers 

Laundry Balls

Plastic Anti Static Laundry Washing Dryer Balls Reusable Non-Toxic Laundry Balls Dryer Balls Washing Balls Reusable Dryer Washing Balls Solid Colorful Laundry Ball Washing Ball Washing Laundry PP Sponge Dryer Balls Soft Octahedral Laundry Washing Ball Reusable Washer Colorful Dryer 

Waste Bins

Plastic Waste Bin

Plastic Wood Line Basket Trash Can Creative Dustbin Wastebasket Storage Barrel Tabletop Trash Can with Dome Lid Living Room Floor Trash Can Waste Bin 10L Plastic Widemouth Trash Can Dustbin Waste Bin 10L Plastic Printing Wastebasket Trash Can Containers 12L Plastic Waste Bin Commercial Deskside Plastic Round Dustbin Plastic 12L Big Semi Round Trash Can Dustbin Plastic Leather Medium Semi Round Trash Can Wastebin 9L Plastic 14L Square Trash Can Dustbin Plastic 11L Medium Leather Wraped Waste Container Plastic 13L Flip Square Plastic Trash Can With Lid 

Desktop Trash Bin

Umbra Mini Swing-Lid Trash Cans Garbage Swing Lid Ring at the Top 

Plastic Tableware

Napkin Box

High-grade European Rhinestone Decoration Square Paper Box Creative Hotel KTV Paper Storage Box With Rose Flower Multi Storage Box With Compartments Plastic Desktop Paper Napkin Box Classic Rectangle Paper Noble Napkin Holder 

Fruit Tray

Multifunction Pumpkin Fruit Bowl Plates 4 Cells in Combination With Cover Bowl Plastic Creative Pumpkin Shaped Food Container 4 Cells in Combination With Cover Plastic Tableware Plastic Creative Pumpkin Shaped 3 Divided Fruit Tray Plastic DIY Round Two Layer Fruit Tray Plastic Oval Two Layer Fruit Storage 

Serving Tray

Melamine Fruit Plate Cup Tray Melamine Rectangular Non-Slip Serving Tray 

Plastic Furniture

Plastic Storage Cabinet

3 layer composition side Bedroom Table Box 

Other Kitchen &Bathroom Household Sundries

Kitchen Sundries

Plastic Kitchen Sink Organization Kitchen Plastic Rack Stand Pan Pot Lid Cover Holder Factory Kitchen Dish Rack Bowl Cabinet Plastic Knives and Utensil Holder Good quality best price wholesale mini manual vegetable onion chopper Plastic Portable Dumpling Box With Lid 

Bathroom Sundries

Wall Mount Plastic Simple Bath Toothbrush Holder New Creative Toothbrush Holder With Cover Plastic Tub Ass Toilet Gynecological Pregnant Maternal Prostate Bath Bucket Cotton Thickness Shower Cap Lady Shower Cap Whoelsale Factory Sell Shower Cap With Flower Edge Factory Sell Towel Shower Cap Plastic Washing Basin Plastic Classical Washing Basin Multicolor Non Slip Lattice Bath Massage Floor Mats Plastic Bath Shower Washing Head Wall Mount Plastic Storage Holder 

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