Your foam pit airbag will be one of the most frequented areas in your park with lots of brandable space for people to jump into. This provides a great picture or video opportunity and very valuable branding space.
 Full digital high quality print
 Durability through sublimation printing
 Anti-bacterial coating and washable
 Super soft landing feel
 Extreme tear strength

ou have ever used a foam pit, you are very familiar with the inadequacies and high costs associated with them. Also, the upkeep is time-consuming and expensive. Bacteria lives within the foam blocks, and there is a risk of inhaling the dust material that is inherent in foam once it starts to break down and can never be cleaned.

The only way to get rid of the bacteria and dust is to replace all of your foam blocks. That being said, the high cost of replacing foam blocks prohibits facility owners from replacing them on an annual or as-needed basis.
Those days are over!
Our patented trampoline park air bags bring you the most advanced technology the industry has seen to date. Trampoline, gymnastics and free running facilities around the world have begun using and/or replacing their existing foam pits with  air bags, the most functional air bags on the market.

There are multiple advantages to air bags. They are more hygienic than foam blocks, are easy to use, can be used for more frequent jumps, and have lower annual costs. 

Soft Landings
Instant Recovery/Recoil
No Sweet Spot
Zero Foam to replace
Zero on-going costs for Labor, maintenance and foam pit cleaning
Zero unwanted dust particles in your facility from old dirty foam blocks
Zero concerns with hygiene due to bacteria growth and fungus in foam blocks
Zero fire hazards
Multiple landings
Zero catapulting effect
Can be fitted into existing foam pits structures or custom made to your specifications
Completely mobile and can be moved around facility for training on different set-ups
Designed for both indoor and outdoor facilities