With today`s options for playsets and swings, it`s surprising to some that wooden playsets and swings are still quite popular. There are a few reasons for this:

Wood is attractive:
Many parents and organizations prefer the look of solid wooden playsets. Making these items from natural materials such as wood blend in nicely with outdoor environments, such as trees and grass, and the natural shades and grain add a natural beauty to your swings and wooden playset. The material utilized in wooden swing sets also provides durability in a wide range of outdoor temperatures since solid Cedar is highly durable and resistant to the change of seasons. As long as the timber has a low moisture content, it will not rot and will look better when compared to plastic or metal playsets exposed to the same weather.

Wooden-based play equipment has an environmental benefit:
Building your playground equipment out of high-quality wood vs plastic or metal equipment is actually better for the environment.  Wood is a sustainable resource which is able to hold up better than other designs to the outdoors without the need for extensive chemicals or treatments.  When you make a playground from wood, it can be repurposed and reused.  Plastic and metal options are much less likely to be altered and when their life is over they become just another piece of toxic waste which goes into a landfill. Trees will always be the best option for working on a building a playset and they enable Superior Play to offer a more green alternative for discerning parents and organizations!